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Create an Ionic App using one of our ready-made app templates, or a blank one to start fresh. Check out the Market for more designs. For v1 projects, use the  Getting Started with Ionic - New to the Command Line? - Starters. The Ionic CLI works with a variety of Ionic project types. The type of a project is stored in the project's puppy-dog-breeds.com file as type. Here is a list of project type  Ionic Angular - Project Structure - Ionic 1. MyIonicProject will be the directory name and the app name from your project. tutorial will be the starter template for your project. Along with creating your project.

Start a project. Create an Ionic project using one of our ready-made app templates, or a blank one to start fresh. ionic start myApp tabs --type ionic1. ionic start. It installs dependencies for you and sets up your project. ionic start will create a new app from template. You can list all templates with the --list option. For more. Now that we've got everything installed and a new Cordova project created, let's jump in and start building a real app! The Todo list app is pretty much a rite of.

tabs, A starting project with a simple tabbed interface. blank, A blank starter project. sidemenu, A starting project with a side menu with navigation in the content. Inside of the folder that was created, we have a typical Cordova project structure where we can install native plugins, and create platform-specific project files. This will start a live-reload server for your project. When changes are made to any HTML, CSS, or JavaScript files, the browser will automatically reload when the.