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13 Sep Water PPT. 1. 1 WATER; 2. 2 What is water? Water is made of tiny molecules of hydrogen and oxygen. Each one is so small that you can't see it. 5 May On earth is a 97% of salt water and the 3% is fresh water. FRESH WATER is a Water conservation ppt. binnyaji. Water Conservation. available for human use. Evaporation and transpiration. Evaporation. Stream. Infiltration. Water table. Infiltration. Unconfined aquifer. Confined aquifer. Lake.

Water. Topics Covered. Water in various forms. Water on and around the Earth. Pure water is clear. It has no scent. Water as a solid Water changes to ice. While 67% of Earth's surface is covered by water, only less than % of global water is freshwater. Most of the freshwater (%) are locked in ice caps and. 21 Jul - 2 min - Uploaded by SpaceSpye This is a PPT (Later converted to a video) telling us the importance of water (H20) and how to.

Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation. Theme 1. Global Status. Regional distribution of global population not served with improved water supply and improved. Water is probably the most important resource on puppy-dog-breeds.com need water to grow and to stay alive. In fact, we could only live for a few days without drinking water. 23 Mar Download water powerpoint presentation for more presentations Splash Of Water PowerPoint Templates PPT Themes And Graphics