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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 [Bomb] for GTA 5 By HitmanNiko. Simple mod replaces the sticky bomb with a galaxy note 7! DO NOT UPLOAD ON OTHER SITES. 19 Oct Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 has been the butt of its fair share of internet jokes since it started exploding in September, but it's hard to surpass. 20 Oct YouTube Blocks Samsung's Takedown Of GTA V Note 7 Bomb Video handle sdaddy, said he'd filed a counter-claim against Samsung.

19 Oct Earlier this month, a mod that added Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 to Grand Theft Auto V started making the rounds. The twist? In the game, it was. The internet went nuts after hearing about Samsung Galaxy Note 7's propensity to spontaneously explode, and a clever GTA modder named HitmanNiko. 20 Oct At the height of the Galaxy Note 7 case, a modder by the name of HitmanNiko publicized a GTA 5 mod that replaced the art asset for the game's.

3 Oct GTA V mod exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Instead of throwing sticky bombs, this "GTA V" mod lets you throw an exploding Galaxy Note 7. Samsung issues a DMCA takedown against the original video showcasing the Grand Theft Auto 5 mod that converts C4 explosives into a Galaxy Note 7 phone. 21 Oct But Samsung is not the copyright owner of Grand Theft Auto V. While copyright law has become ever more restrictive in the U.S. over the last.