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A tested and trusted commercial-quality multiline scanner, NIKSUN PhoneSweep is a fully documented auditing tool - every "sweep" surveys telephone systems. NIKSUN's PhoneSweep is a security audit tool that surveys the network for modems, faxes and other devices that can use telephone lines as an entry point into. Solution. NIKSUN's PhoneSweep is a security audit tool that searches for modems, fax machines, and other devices within a set of phone numbers. It “ sweeps”.

SANS Institute ,. As part of the Information Security Reading Room. Author retains full rights. - 1 -. PhoneSweep. The Corporate War Dialer by Greg Hodes. PhoneSweep is a robust multiline scanner that scales to meet specific requirements. It classifies answering devices as Phones, Faxes or Modems and identifies. 18 Jul Danger Warning: This program, PhoneSweep, is designed to test computer system security on telephone networks. It may be used by.

19 Jun Welcome to PhoneSweep Gold! PhoneSweep Gold is an enhancement package for the PhoneSweep telephone system security audit tool. PhoneSweep Modem Scan. The Assessment Team PhoneSweep is a program to search for modems within a set of phone numbers. PhoneSweep attempts to. 3 Jun June 3, PhoneSweep, the World's First Multi-Line Wardialer, Now Dominates the Market With Customers in