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Tera patch ing slowly

If you are installing, patching, or repairing your TERA game client, please be patient. The time displayed in the launcher will be very high when the process. Tera is well known for its very slow patcher and i have been a victim of it for the past 2 days. It then clicked in my head that all you have to do is. Yet wanting to play and prepare for Ninja and yet patching is VERY slow why is that????.

13 Jan I installed TERA two days ago. I patched and it worked after that. Things were running smoothly. The next time I ran TERA it gave me the. I see a lot of posts/questions regarding people having issues patching where it stalls or downloads very slow. There are a few options for you. 12 Mar As for the DL being slow it's a pretty large download and i had in in like 3 or 4 It's going to open the TERA launcher and patch through that.

The patch seems to stall every so often and download speed seems to be all of TERA for the first time) and have a slow internet connection. 10 Apr Hey folks, you may see slow download speeds reported during a portion of the patch update. This is expected, the installer is patching/installing. So, after seeing my patching dropped down from mb/s to 3kb/s I went absolutely ballistic.